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Court Summons for Speeding

Have you received a court summons for speeding?  If so, you will need to seek expert legal advice in order to see what options are available to you.

A court summons for speeding can be issued for a number of reasons:

  • The alleged speed is too high to be dealt with by way of a fixed penalty
  • The motorist has 9 penalty points on his licence
  • The fixed penalty has not been paid
  • The motorist has failed to produce his documents at the police station

Once a motorist receives a court summons he/she should check to see whether it has been issued within the correct time limit.  A court summons must be issued within 6 months of the date of the alleged offence and could result in the offence being time-barred if issued after the 6 months.

Presuming the summons has been issued correctly, it will provide a date and time for when the motorist is told to attend court to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.  This can be done by either attending court but can also be done via post depending on the severity of the offence.

If the motorist is accepting his/her guilt and pleading guilty, the matter can often be dealt with in one court hearing unless the court are considering a disqualification from driving when there may be two hearings.  In such circumstances, the motorist would usually have to attend court or have their solicitor attend on their behalf.  Having specialist legal representation in respect of any court hearing is advisable in order to ensure they get a fair hearing and are also aware of the options available.

If the motorist is pleading not guilty because they deny the charge, it is possible for three court hearings to be scheduled.  The first would be for the plea hearing, the second would be for a case management hearing and the third would be for the trial to take place.  As stated above, no motorist should attempt to represent themselves at trial alone or at least without obtaining legal advice beforehand.

This is why we strongly advise you contact one of our expert solicitors for legal advice and support regarding your court summons. We are able to offer you legal and moral support throughout your hearing. Some courts tend to be very pro-prosecution and may not be on the motorist’s side, even before hearing all of the evidence – so get in touch with the friendly Just Motor Law team by phone 08454851226 or click the banner below for online contact options!

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