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Early Return of Driving Licence

Do you need your licence for an employment opportunity or is your disqualification from driving causing significant problems to your family?

What can you do if you have been banned from driving and want to apply for your licence back earlier than the court had ordered?

Just Motor Law can help. We can advise and assist you in making an application to the court to remove the period of disqualification.

The application must be made in person at Court we are experienced in making such applications for an early return of your licence.  However, the application can only be made if you have been disqualified:

a) for less than 4 years, and 2 years have passed;
b) for less than 10 years, but not less than 4, and half of the period of disqualification has passed; or
c) 5 years has passed in other cases.

The Court will have regard to a number of circumstances, and therefore the application has to be prepared in the strongest of terms and supported by appropriate evidence. Our specialist team will advise you and assist in preparing the application, and  will attend court with you to present a forceful argument with the aim of getting you back on the road at the earliest opportunity!

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