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New Drivers

Have you been accused of a motoring offence that is alleged to have taken place within 2 years of passing your test? Is your licence at risk? If so, you need Just Motor Law to FIGHT FOR YOUR LICENCE.

Upon passing a driving test new drivers are subject to a probationary term of 2 years. If, during this probationary period, you accumulate 6 or more points, the DVLA will automatically revoke your licence.  Points accumulated before the test was taken will count, unless they were committed more than 3 years before the current offence.

This is different from a driving ban. You will revert back to a provisional licence and have to retake your driving test! It may be that you will need to take more lessons to be confident in passing your written and practical tests. In effect, you will have to start over again!

WE CAN HELP YOU! People often think that there is nothing that can be done to avoid a motoring conviction and simply accept the penalty and punishment that comes with it.  In many cases this is untrue and from a specialist motoring solicitors perspective, there is always something that can be done to help.  Whether it’s preventing a case going to court, getting a case dropped completely, entering into negotiations with the police and/or Crown Prosecution Service or fighting your case at trial, Just Motor Law can  help you.

Even in a scenario where you were likely to accumulate 6 penalty points, our team are experts in this field and know what types of situations can lead to a successful Special Reasons argument to avoid the points and therefore the revocation of your licence! We will discuss your case and all of the circumstances with you in detail and advise you when this is an argument that can be put forward on your behalf in an aim to SAVE YOUR DRIVING LICENCE.

With Just Motor Law you will not face this stressful and complex situation alone.

Unsure what to do? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the team now for FREE initial advice on your case and how we can help you.