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Home > Motoring Law Blog from Just Motor Law > Drugs, drink and lack of insurance trigger lethal festival cocktail

Drugs, drink and lack of insurance trigger lethal festival cocktail

Posted on 24/08/2011 13:43:00

Drug and drink driving and lack of insurance are expected to cause a surge in the number of people arrested while attending the August Bank Holiday festivals this weekend.

With thousands of revellers expected to hit the roads for the hugely popular Creamfields, Reading and Leeds festivals, leading motoring solicitors are bracing themselves for a busy few days.

Matt Reynolds, a solicitor with Just Motor Law, said: “Festivals inevitably see a sharp rise in the use of illegal drugs and alcohol and we would expect to see a number of motoring arrests in relation to these.

“However, another growing area of concern is the amount of people being tempted to drive without insurance because they cannot afford the ever increasing premiums.

“We would urge all people attending festivals being held this Bank Holiday Weekend to think through the consequences of being stopped for drink or drug driving or lack of insurance.”

Young men aged between 17 and 29 are believed to be the most likely to drive while on illegal drugs. Cannabis is known to distort a driver’s perception of time and distance, cocaine causes aggressive and risky driving, amphetamines such as speed impair coordination, while Ecstasy causes blurred vision and poor judgement.

Police currently have no equivalent to an alcohol breathalyser to test for drugs and instead use a Field Impairment Test (FIT). Tests can include standing on one leg, touching your nose with the tip of your finger and closing your eyes and estimating when 30 seconds have elapsed.

Matt Reynolds added: “People who are arrested on suspicion of any motoring offences while attending music festivals need to ensure they get the right support immediately. They have a right to be represented at a police station and, should it be required, to be defended in a court of law.”

Just Motor Law provides specialist legal advice on all motoring offences with a 24-hour hotline and online live chat facility.

Just Motor Law also specialises in providing clients with technical defences, challenging equipment used by police officers and highlighting any failure to conform with rules of evidence.