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Home > Motoring Law Blog from Just Motor Law > More Speed Cameras in North Yorkshire

More Speed Cameras in North Yorkshire

Posted on 13/09/2011 13:24:00

Following a police pilot project, North Yorkshire Police have announced to Wetherby News that mobile speed cameras will now be a permanent fixture in their county.  Up until now, North Yorkshire were the only county in the UK not to operate mobile speed cameras!

The pilot project was set up over a six-month period to monitor motorists speeds on rural roads in an effort to promote road safety.  During the project a total of 1805 motorists were caught speeding.  From the alleged offenders, 70% were offered speed awareness courses, 21% were given fixed penalties and 2% were summoned to court.  The remaining 7% of motorists being caught does not appear to have been published, which could suggest that these people were caught in error or cases were dropped by the police for other reasons.

North Yorkshire Police say they were "disappointed" with the amount of people caught speeding and believe that the cameras should now become permanent.  Inspector Brown of North Yorkshire Police said "If you speed you are now likely to be caught in North Yorkshire than ever before.  Speed kills, ignore the law and you will be punished".

In light of the new cameras, motorists in North Yorkshire should now be extra vigilant when driving and adhere to the speed limit.