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The team at Just Motor Law have successfully been representing motorists across the UK for a number of years.  Our ultimate aim is to simply achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say:

"As a private hire taxi driver, I rely on my income to provide for my family. In an emergency situation I was forced to drive my partner’s vehicle without insurance and the Magistrate’s court imposed six points. Although I did explain the extenuating and unusual circumstances to the Council taxi Licensing Panel, they subsequently revoked my taxi licence. I approached Just Motor Law for assistance in appealing the revocation. However, they advised me to appeal my sentence and they successfully argued in the Crown Court that given the emergency, I should have the points removed. In those circumstances the Panel agreed to give me my taxi licence back without having to go to appeal. I can now put this nightmare behind me and get my life back on track. I would recommend Just Motor Law to everyone in the future."
A Jones

“I instructed Just Motor Law in relation to an offence of failing to identify the driver and was told from the very early stages in my proceedings that I had a good case.  As advised, my case was dropped on the day of trial following Matt's excellent representation in court.  Both Matt and Natali did an excellent job on my case and will definitely be recommending them to my friends and business associates.  Thank you so much."
M Campbell

“I had 4 offences of failing to identify the driver all of which carry a punishment of 6 penalty points for each offence.  After many months of pressure being placed on the CPS for their evidence, all 4 offences were dropped at court by the prosecution.  I am so happy with the advice and representation received from Natali and Matt.  Without them I would have been disqualified from driving for 6 months, would have lost my job and been unable to pay my mortgage! 
J Mee

"Having been personally recommended to Just Motor Law from a colleague, I would definitely continue to pass the recommendation on. From sending the court paperwork over to them – I didn’t have to do another thing and got an amazing result that I am very pleased with! Thanks for your help.”
G McGowan

"I can only thank you immensely as I am sure if I didn't have you to help, it would have been 6 points!  You were great, I shall be recommending you to anyone that needs any help with a motoring matter.  You did an amazing job!”
K Lowe



“I was recently faced with the daunting prospect of a court hearing up against two Police Officers for allegedly using a mobile phone whilst driving.  However I need not have worried, as with the help and guidance of Mr Reynolds I won my case and was also awarded costs, which meant I recovered back my legal fees”
G Lambert