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Welcome to Just Motor Law - Motoring Offences Specialists

Motoring offences Testimonial

Just Motor Law is a specialist legal service dedicated to representing those accused of a motoring offence. From drink or drug driving and speeding, causing death by dangerous or careless driving to mobile phone usage or totting up. Whatever the motoring offence, our team of leading defence solicitors will provide you with the expertise you need.

When you are faced with the possibility of a heavy fine, the loss of your driving licence or even a prison sentence, it is important to have the right legal guidance. That's why at Just Motor Law, you have access to leading motor law experts committed to providing UK motorists with the most effective legal representation to help keep you on the road.

Whether it is preventing a case going to court, getting a case dropped completely, entering into negotiations with the police and/or Crown Prosecution Service or making the necessary submissions to the court to avoid disqualifications, Just Motor Law can help you.

From the outset, our dedicated team of motor law experts examine all the facts available. With an outstanding track record representing motorists across the UK we identify and advise on the most effective legal defence in order to avoid a conviction or driving disqualification and protect your driving licence.

We value our reputation for frank and robust advice and will advise you at an early stage when we believe that there is no action to take, rather than simply allowing you to run up unnecessary legal costs. We will also advise you if you do not have a defence. It is just as important to recognise when you should plead guilty promptly in order to achieve the best outcome and protect your licence.  We pride ourselves in our integrity and will never advise you to run a defence that has no merit. In such cases we will then advise you on how to prepare the most effective mitigation and whether there are specialist legal arguments that could avoid the imposition of points or a disqualification from driving.  

Our team will guide you through the complexities of the offence whilst advising on the most appropriate course of action. With Just Motor Law you receive an expert and bespoke legal service, all at an affordable price.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact our team today on 0845 485 1235.



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