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About Us

Just Motor Law are experts in the field of road traffic defence and can defend any motoring offence.

Our team of dedicated motoring lawyers deal with every case personally from start to finish, offering a unique service tailored to your needs. Our approach allows you to benefit directly from our expertise and provides you with peace of mind that your case is receiving the attention and dedication you require. 

You will have direct access to your lawyer without the need to speak with receptionists or unqualified clerks.

Our mission is simple; provide an exclusive service to all clients

So who are the expert lawyers that will take on your case?

Matthew Reynolds

Matt is an experienced Motoring Solicitor who gets the best results for his clients.  Matt is known as “The Motoring Guru” as he knows all there is to know about every aspect of motoring law.  If there is a gap in the evidence, loophole to be found or a case to be put forward in court, Matt is the man for the job! 

Matt defends clients in both Magistrates and Crown Courts all over the country and location is never a bar to him representing you.  His expertise in motoring law is evident from his extremely high success rate in defending cases and ensuring the most favourable outcomes for his clients. 

Contact Matt today on 0845 688 0045 or email mreynolds@justmotorlaw.co.uk

Natali Farrell

Natali is a dedicated Road Traffic Lawyer specialising in all motoring offences.  Natali is passionate about motoring law and successfully obtains the right results for her clients.  She specialises in all areas of motoring offences although her specialist area is speeding.  Natali will tell you all there is to know about speeding offences and that any speeding offence is challengeable.  There is always something Natali can do to assist you. If you think that your case has no prospect of success, Natali will tell you otherwise and can back this up with her amazing success rate! 

Contact Natali today on 0845 688 0045 or email nfarrell@justmotorlaw.co.uk