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Have you been stopped by the police, given a fixed penalty notice or received a summons for an allegation of speeding? 

The team at Just Motor Law are experts in defending allegations of speeding.  We have a passion for the subject and a superb success rate.  Our ultimate aim is to win your case and get you the very best results.

Our family’s needs, our social lives and the requirements of our employment, can mean that as drivers, we put in several thousands of miles every year. Inevitably, this leads to many of us falling foul of the UK’s strict speeding laws and enforcement policies. Speeding is a criminal offence, and if you are caught speeding and convicted, you would receive penalty points, a fine and/or a disqualification from driving. 

However, in many cases, the speed equipment used to detect the speed is not accurate and the police and Crown Prosecution Service can often make errors in the preparation of their case against you.

Don’t just accept a speeding ticket through your door! If you need your driving licence then everything is at stake if you are convicted of this offence. You need the experts to help you fight the case at every stage! At Just Motor Law we pride ourselves on contesting each case with the greatest tenacity, with the aim of you being found not guilty or coming out with the lightest sentence possible in all of the circumstances.

Call us today for a FREE consultation and to learn more about how we can help you.,

What are the penalties?
  • Depending on the level of speed and the speed limit for a particular road, the minimum penalty for exceeding the speed limit is between 3-6 penalty points and a fine of up to £1000 and the maximum is a driving disqualification of up to a 56 days.
  • If you are a new driver and already have 3 points on your licence, any additional penalty points endorsed on your licence would result in your licence being revoked and you would have to retake your test. Retaking your test is a costly exercise. You may also need extra lessons before you felt comfortable putting in for it again.
  • If you already have 9 or more points on your licence then you will tot up to 12 points and the Magistrates will consider disqualifying you from driving for a minimum of 6 months unless there are special reasons not to impose the points or a disqualification would cause exceptional hardship. If either of these arguments are applicable then we can ask then court not to ban you even if you are convicted of the offence.
  • Exceeding the speed limit at a high speeds can even open you up to allegations of careless or dangerous driving if it impacts upon your driving ability to a sufficient extent.  This means that speeding in circumstances that led to the quality of your driving falling far below that expected by a reasonable and competent driver, could carry a sentence of imprisonment!  Don’t let this be you! 

What types of speed cameras are there?

There are various types of speed detection devices currently being used across the UK such as:
  • LTI 20:20 and SL700 (Laser hand-held devices)
  • Gatsometres (Fixed cameras using radar detection)
  • Vascar / Provida (Police in-car equipment which calculates an average speed over a set distance)
  • Truvelo (Road sensors detecting speed)
  • Specs (Average speed detected via a number of speed cameras)
What is the law and what errors can occur?

In order for speed equipment to work properly and produce correct readings, those using the equipment have various rules and regulations they must adhere to.  If they do not correctly follow these rules and regulations, or do not keep the relevant records to evidence this, the police will not have a case against you.

Our Team has highlighted an increase in problems with speed equipment and we regularly challenge the evidence, or lack of it.  If people simply accept a speeding ticket and accept the punishment, the police will not have to produce any evidence to prove that those whom they accuse were actually speeding.  Imagine if somebody accused you of shoplifting – would you simply accept the punishment without seeing any evidence first? Of course not!  An allegation of speeding should be looked at in the same way, why accept your guilt without first seeing the evidence to prove it?

The list of things that can go wrong with speed equipment is almost endless and it is not until we as experts start to look into cases, do these errors and mistakes actually become visible.  We know the evidence that should be produced by the police and/or Crown Prosecution Service and know how to prepare a case with the ultimate aim of getting a successful outcome as a result.  The police can incorrectly operate speed equipment and inaccurately complete the relevant records produced as evidence.  Don’t allow this to happen in your case by simply accepting it. 

As experts, we know that not everybody wants to challenge the evidence of the police as in some circumstances; you may accept that you were speeding.  If you fall within this category, are you sure that you were going at the speed alleged by the police?  If this is the case, we can enter into negotiations with the Crown Prosecution Service on this point alone to again get you the very best possible outcome.  For example, a speed of 105mph in a 70mph zone would normally result in you being disqualified from driving.  If you believe you were  travelling at 96mph, you are more likely to get penalty points rather than a disqualification from driving. 

In addition to the above, it may be clear from the start of a case that you were in fact speeding and want to accept your guilt and plead guilty immediately.  As always, we can still help you in getting the best available outcome by submitting the necessary mitigation to the court on your behalf.  Legal representation in court will make a difference to the punishment imposed and we would urge anybody attending court on a speeding matter to instruct a specialist lawyer  like us who can get you the best result.

At Just Motor Law the team has a vast amount of experience in successfully challenging and dealing with speeding cases just like yours.  Don’t just accept it – defend it!  Get in touch sooner rather than later as the earlier we start to look into a case the better the case.  Don’t wait to receive a notice of intended prosecution or a summons to arrive as we may be able to prevent it from arriving at all!

Remember, there is always something that we can do to help and with Just Motor Law you will not face this stressful and complex situation alone.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the team now for FREE initial advice on your case and how we can help you.