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Home > Motoring Law Blog from Just Motor Law > Driving In Snow With Limited Visibility Can Cost You

Driving In Snow With Limited Visibility Can Cost You

Posted on 23/01/2013

A leading motor law specialist has warned that failing to clear your car thoroughly prior to driving could result in a fine.  

Natali Farrell of Just Motor Law says that although it may be a tiring task of clearing the snow from your windscreen and windows before a journey, it’s a task that should not be avoided.

The Highway Code states that when driving in adverse weather conditions you must, by law, be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle. This means that snow should be cleared not just from the driver’s side of the windscreen but from every window, including the side windows.

Failure to adhere to the above can result in a fine from the police for not having a clear and unobstructed view ahead.  No penalty points would be imposed for this offence although if a driver did not have a clear and unobstructed view ahead, he/she could cause harm to other road users which could then result in a more serious offence of driving without due care and attention or in some cases, dangerous driving.  These more serious offences carry severe penalties such penalty points, disqualification from driving and in the much more serious circumstances, a custodial sentence!

When its freezing weather and you just want to get into your car to get to your destination, think of the above and make sure you take those extra few minutes to fully defrost your vehicle.  It's worth it in the long run!